Hey smart, What The Future?

We know. It’s different. What happened? The future happened. A lot of jaws were dropped when we launched 20 years ago bringing a radically sensible, new way of living in the city to create a smarter future. Our mission hasn’t changed. The times have.

Today it’s about all of us together; sharing, making, connecting. Connecting you with the car, you with others, others with you, all of you with the city. That’s what we think the future looks like, so we needed a car to drive you there. #WhatTheFuture. Say hello to Concept #1.

Did we just literally shape the future?

  • Can you drive a sculpture?

    Guess so. The pure and futuristic design erases where car starts and art ends.

  • Full moon party, without the sand

    With the panoramic roof there is only stars above you; connecting you with your urban surrounding. 

  • Forget keys, please

    Sure you wanna touch it. But hey, theses doors be like #WhatTheFuture. Puff, one gesture opens all.

We think the Concept #1 makes your brain and heart travel between all kinds of extremes. Strong to sensual. Lightness to dark. A car, and also kind of not a car. The new exterior makes us feel that we’re definitely here for this ride. Coming?

For a designer this brand philosophy is a dream: What's the next big thing, what's the challenge?

— Kai Sieber, Head of Design smart

Can we get a little space please?

Wish granted. Thanks to the new smart’s design and the position of the wheels, the space feels insanely roomy. Bit like hacking the urban rules with its big interior space on a small exterior footprint. Houston, we have no problems.
  • How bright is the future?

    Roof to carpet, back to front, colors you didn't know existed, reacting to the beat of your tunes.

  • Milk? Sugar?

    Doesn't Concept #1 make you feel like you're in a living room? Let's discuss this over a cup of tea.

  • Has space ever been this iconic?

    The dashboard loop leads in a free floating console. And your legs be like: Thanks, designers.

Can the trip begin before you’re even in the car?

You can park Concept #1 but never its software, it will constantly stay connected, improving, interacting and creating a better experience for you. Technology that keeps you future AF.
  • 24/7 digital experience

    Seamlessly connecting you to the car, your friends, the city, the beat, the light and the world.

  • You down with OTA?

    Ye, you know me. You are driving a software that updates like your phone, Over The Air.

  • Low poly graphics, high-end experience

    While the UI feels like gaming, the AI avatar is pretty serious about getting your stuff done.

  • No matter what, we got your back ...

    ... your front, side, parallel parking, blindspot, speed. Call it ADAS if you want to sound pro.

What the future, Kai Sieber?

Meet the maker

For Kai, every future begins with a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. And he doesn't stop until the design enriches people's lives. Emotionally and practically. Heart and head. Did we already talk about connectivity?

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