Your electric lifestyle awaits

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  • Power for any purpose with smart charging

    Charging on-the move and at home is effortless, while you can monitor both charging events via the app.

  • Get kitted out

    smart Home Charging with a charging power up to 22kW produced by our partner ABB is easy to get installed at home via an authorised installation partner and convenient to use.

  • Ever growing smart Public Charging network powered by Digital Charging Solutions

    You can find more than 290,000 charging points on the app. It's assured range anxiety will no longer be part of your vocabulary.

Charged up and good to go

Monitor your long-lasting battery life while you’re on the move, or keep tabs in-app.

The electric future is here. Are you ready?

We are ready. Because we know that electric isn’t just about tomorrow. It’s about the lifestyle you can adopt right here, right now. You have the power to join the change for a brighter electric future. As for us? We’re with you every step of the way, as your uncompromising urban companion connecting you with the people and places that truly matter to you.


Why wait? Embrace driving electric and become one of a thousand across Europe in total with the limited smart #1 Launch Edition.

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What’s electric life like?
  • It’s all about you

    Embrace your individuality. It’s a fun, free-spirited, and futuristic take on mobility – and you’re at the beating heart of it.

  • It’s filled with optimism

  • It’s the future

    Electric never sleeps… so, there’s plenty more to come. More technology. More connectivity. More ways to feel special, every day.

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