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  • Light up the way with style and intelligence

    The CyberSparksLED+ headlamp with adaptive highbeam assist illuminates urban surroundings in magical fashion.

  • Wheels to remember

    Beautiful 19” Prism alloys with an exclusive pattern for that added touch of unique detail.

  • Exclusive colour and trim

    You’ll feel special as soon as you step inside – greeted by Bold White Duo leather seats available only in the Launch Edition.

  • A constant reminder you’re one of a thousand 

    You didn’t think you’d just get a badge on the outside, did you? It’s also pride of place on the mid-console – visible for all to see. 

  • Dreamy ambient light

    With 64 colours and 20 illumination levels, you can adjust the lights as you see fit – and even select pre-configured modes such as welcome mode to greet your passengers in style.

  • Open up the boot with your hands full

    The powered liftgate is electrically controlled to open at your command with a footkick gesture.

  • Screens for, well… just about everything.

    The 12.8'' touch screen display is at the heart of your vehicle, with night and day mode to switch as you see fit – while the 10" digital instrument cluster contains relevant information about speed, distance and range.

  • Beats bringing the audio

    With no less than 13 speakers, this high-end system packs a punch to smother you in your favourite sounds.  

  • Designed to glow upon approach

    As the car detects you moving towards it, the door handles illuminate to create a welcoming sense of ritual and atmosphere.

Now that’s a badge worth having

With only one thousand ever made across Europe in total, it’s only right that your car gets that limited edition birthmark. 


Connectivity is at your command

  • It’s all at your fingertips

    For seamless in-car connectivity, simply login with your smart ID and bring more fun to each journey with robust apps – while over-the-air updates constantly welcome new features for you to enjoy.

  • Well, hello smart

    In the app, generate your digital key with a single tap and enjoy flexible key sharing. You can also keep in touch with your car from anywhere – controlling your AC schedule and monitoring your EV usage remotely.

All the assistance you need, with safety you can depend on

From a gradual braking to evasive manoeuvre when required, you can trust in our all-new smart #1 range to keep you safe and sound with instinctive driving assistance you can truly count on.

Why wait? The future is already here. With the all-new electric smart #1, tomorrow is on.

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